Improve and Optimize your Online Communications,
Productivity and Profitability

The TeeTek Internet Applications are user-friendly, cloud-based software applications for individuals and small-to-medium companies to communicate very efficiently and professionally over the Internet. These can also increase productivity, which may also lead to greater success and income from all business interests. The applications function on multiple platforms, including smartphones and tablets, plus laptop and desktop computers.

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qioVoip & qioVoip Mobile

VoIP Teleconferencing

Connect with friends, family and associates all over the city, province, country and world. Call from anywhere with Internet access from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Includes Fax function too.

Cloud Safe

Digital Storage and Retrieval

A convenient and secure cloud-based storage service for valuable digital files. Upload and access and share your personal files from online devices. 2TB of online storage space.


Video Conferencing

Videoconference with up to nine individuals using an automated email invitation system. Participants can share files, view videos, access the whiteboard and review conference history.


Video Broadcasting

Broadcast online multi-format presentations to as many as 150 online devices, which can be seen by multiple viewers, providing a potential audience in the thousands.

Video eMail

Video Embedded eMail Messaging

Create and send informative or entertaining videos of up to two minutes in length embedded within a professional graphic email message, which can be sent to individual or multiple contacts.

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English Tutor & English iTutor

Language eLearning

Learn and improve their conversational English through video and audio examples of phrases and single words. Also provided as a mobile application for entertaining on-the-go learning.


Create Graphics for Online Display

Create online graphics and advertising banners to enhance personal and business blogs and websites. This application also supports the ability to send customized ecards to family and friends


Graphics Creation for Printer

Easy design and print functionality that allows users to create a variety of personalized special event greeting cards, information flyers, plus personal stationary.


Personal Blog Creation and Hosting

Create your own personal blog and share content online with others anywhere in the world. Includes templates, blog-site hosting and a user-friendly interface.

Photo Album

Save and Display Photos and Video

Upload, secure and share photos, and organize for easy retrieval and sharing. Includes an audio messaging function to record a personal message with any image.

Grand Prix Racing

Bonus Motorsports Gaming System

Motorsports enthusiasts can drive their own customized virtual race cars on famous international virtual race tracks, competing against other racers around the world.

TeeTek Applications are developed and updated for Android and IOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows-based PCs and MAC personal computers.

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